Wilson Racing
2014 results

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Richard Wilson - AAA Modified
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Rustin Wilson - Street Stock
4th place
Richie Wilson - AAA Modified
3rd Place

Joel Hill- Thumper
7th Place

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    Wilson Racing has been a staple in the midwest racing community since the early 70's. Now, nearly 40 years later Wilson Racing is still going strong. It was started in Wichita, Kansas in 1972 by Rich Wilson. Rich got into racing in 1969 helping Sidney Landwehr and Troy Kilts. He bought them out in '72 and in doing so started the family tradition of Wilson owned, Wilson built race cars! 
    At the time, It was known as Wilson Bros Racing. Rich and his brothers Gary and Bill Wilson worked together on the car. For several years they worked on the car out of Rich's small one car garage connected to his home. Later as his sons started racing, more room was needed for more cars. Thats when the Wilson Racing shop moved to Rich's brother Bill Wilson's property to take up its permanent residence. The garage has expanded over the years to accomidate more Racecars, and for the grandchildren and great grandchildren to play and race go-karts.

    Rich won the track championship in his first two years at 81 speedway in '72 and '73. Rich accumulated an unprecidented 45 feature wins in those two years. He quickly earned a reputation for being a dominating driver and an even more skilled craftsman. Wilson Racing is well know for building quality championship caliber racecars and engines. Rich did it all, he built his racecars from the ground up. He built and customized his own tools. He built his own engines. He drove the tires off anything that had four wheels straight to several track championships! 

    Rich has passed on leaving behind him an unmistakable legacy. His sons have taken over the family tradition. Richard builds all the racecars, and Randy builds all the engines. Both Richard and Randy have won numerous track championships in and around the midwest region. You can find Randy traveling weekly with the I.M.C.A. modified division and Richard at 81 speedway and HRP on a weekly basis. They are both teaching and grooming the third generation of Wilson Racing, Richie and Rustin Wilson. 

    What started out as a solo racing career for Rich, has turned into a lifestyle for the entire extended Wilson family. Cheering in the stands, working in the pit crew, or driving the race cars. . .  each and every Wilson has a place in Wilson Racing. One thing is for sure . . .  If you race or enjoy watching races in the midwest region, you will be seeing the blue and white, Wilson built number 2 for a long time.



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